We always wonder about having a healthy lifestyle. But we tend to ignore little facts in our daily eating habits that make our lifestyle unhealthy. The first thing to come in one’s mind can be eating fried food. Yes, it is unhealthy. But there is a hidden fact that most people don’t know.

‘Cooking Oils’. Yes, sounds very shocking right?. Well, but it is the reality. Our daily refined cooking oil consists of many impurities. Such impurities that we are generally unaware of. Due to diseases like acidity - 250 million people suffer in India, high Blood Pressure- currently 234 million adults with hypertension,, heart diseases - 54.5 million people suffering in India. Diabetes - 77 million people suffering in India, are making worst case scenarios.

As oil is consumed most on a daily basis. So it becomes more necessary to know about the impurities in our oil. Refined cooking oils are filled with harmful impurities and toxins that can cause severe health problems. Every spoon of oil you use for cooking takes you one step closer to heart diseases, premature aging, and adverse health conditions. So, should you stop using oils altogether? NO. you should use a better, purer, and healthier option . 

Oildok: An innovative oil processing system that filters and purifies any cooking oil using natural mineral granules.

In the search for a pure and unadulterated oil, a solution is here which can nuetralize all the chemicals in refined  cooking oil and make it healthy.

After years of research, a solution has been built for getting an effective edible oil purification process to purify any refined, unused or used cooking oil by removing all traces of chemicals, water, acidity, and foul odor.

So that only the purest hygienic, and nourishing oil remains, after eliminating harmful elements. The natural mineral granules used in this filtration process help neutralize chemicals and contaminants from the oil effectively and thoroughly.

And there’s more, Oildok can also be used to recycle and remove excessive solid particles from used / unused cooking oil without altering the oil’s inherent nature, quality, and nutritional value.

Some more facts about refined cooking oils:

Nickel is one of the important chemicals used for the processing of natural oil. This metal can be harmful to your health.

Their presence in your food can produce many carcinogenic and adverse effects on the respiratory system, liver, and even your skin. One of the reasons for the huge increase in cancer in the tropics can be associated with the use of refined oil.

It can lead to digestion problems too. One of the dangerous chemicals added during the refining process is sodium hydroxide. Their adulteration affects the digestive system of the body.

Also, the preservatives that are added at the time of the refining process are not healthy and can cause diseases like ulcers, gastroenteritis et al.

The process of hydrogenation of refined oils leads to the formation of trans fatty acids.Trans fatty acids can lead to cardiovascular diseases, shortening of pregnancy period, breast cancer, disorders of the nervous system and vision in infants, diabetes, colon cancer, risk of preeclampsia, and obesity.

These are just a few facts about refined cooking oils.

After reading this through, you can imagine the daily chemical consumption of yours. These are the not known facts which most people are unaware of. But it’s high time now, consumption of these heavy chemicals can lead to a super unhealthy life. So choose a healthy life by using Oildok. Bring Oildok in your life and bring a healthy change in you and your family’s health.

Try it. Use it. Trust it.

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