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Company Overview

Started by a group of established Civil and Industrial Electronics Engineers in 2010, Rajyogi Group of
Companies has earned a reputation for quality, service, and value for money. Rajyogi Group of Companies
intends to use world’s latest technologies to build sustainable devices that help households maintain quality
of life and besides that expanded the wings in many other businesses like movie production, clubs & cafes,
tubed tyres industry and many more.

Our skilled, experienced, young and dynamic team of Business Management Professionals design and
execute our marketing plans, business growth strategies, and policies.

We have pioneered a unique and cost-effective liquid engineering solution that helps purify edible oil while
retaining family health and nutrition.

Oildok is an innovative processing system that filters and purifies oil using natural mineral granules. This
eco-friendly solution doesn’t require electricity, and is made using 100% BPA-Free food grade plastic.


Our vision is to create a healthy, sustainable, and enriching
lifestyle for everyone through our quality products and services.


To become leaders in providing edible oil purification solutions and
maximizing sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices of customers.

To become a partner of choice for customers by maintaining impeccable
quality standards in all our products.

To consistently create a mutually beneficial partnership of trust and
transparency with all stakeholders.


To maximize the health and lifestyle of our
customers, we have a quality-first approach.
Quality is an intrinsic element in our product,
and we maintain rigorous standards in
procurement to production.

We constantly strive to make a positive
difference to our customers with our innovative
and valuable products & services.

Our values of trust and transparency guide every
decision we make. We are committed to always
being accessible and accountable to our customers,
employees, and stakeholders for a mutually
beneficial relationship.

Oildok and Your Family.