Have you thought about how much oil you use for deep frying or pan frying, and how many times you reheat it? In one of his live Facebook sessions, lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho raises awareness about this harmful but often practiced kitchen activity. Excess food or meal preparation are common reasons for reusing cooking oil. This typical kitchen habit may save you time and money, but it could also be the source of your body's excessive levels of inflammation. Reusing frying oil can also raise free radicals in the body, which can lead to inflammation, which is at the basis of many disorders such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Impure and overuse of cooking oil has been the leading cause of high cholesterol in our generation thus leading to various heart diseases and obesity. Due to bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle obesity prevalence was 21.3 percent (18.2 percent in females vs 26.3 percent in men) and 33.2 percent (40.1% in females vs 21.9 percent in males) based on BMI and WHR, respectively.

This is one of the reasons why doctors have suggested switching to vegetable oils and cold-pressed oil instead of refined oil which again makes us question whether it is as healthy as they claim it to be, or do we have a better alternative still? to understand our health better we need to know the basic facts and concepts about what we are consuming. Knowledge is the key.

What is cold pressed oil?

The process of manufacturing Cold Pressed Oil is the key to its success. Cold-pressed oils are first extracted by crushing seeds under pressure and using low-heat processes. The seeds are then constantly crushed in a large cylinder until the oil is totally removed from the seeds. The oil is totally natural because no hazardous chemicals or preservatives are used in the process. Cold press extraction is the procedure used to create cold pressed oil. In the same way as many other oils are extracted, cold press oil is extracted using an oilseed press. It is, however, unique in that it does not require any additional chemical solvents or heat.

There is no need to refine the procedure because it can be used right after extraction and filtration.

The unique flavor, smell, taste, and nutrition of the Cold Pressed Oil are all retained. Sesame oil, mustard oil, and groundnut oil are examples of cold-pressed oils that are all natural and nutritious.

In most cases, the edible oil we use in cooking is hot pressed. However, it was only recently that people became aware of the value and benefits of cold pressed oil, and it became quite popular.

The main distinction is in the preparation of the input material used to press the oil, rather than in the pressing procedures themselves. The input we feed into the oil press has a significant impact on the oil's overall qualities. Of course, the method of pressing has an impact on the oil's advantages and qualities.

Why cold pressed oil is beneficial?

In India, cold-pressed oil is regarded as one of the best vegetable oils. There are so many advantages to using this oil on a regular basis. Here are a few reasons why cold-pressed oil is beneficial to your health:

  1. Oil extracted by the cold pressed method is regarded to be more environmentally friendly than oil extracted through other methods. This is due to the fact that it does not require any additional chemicals. Chemicals are commonly employed to increase the total amount of oil recovered from a plant.
  2. Vitamin A, C, E, D, Omega 3 & 6, zinc, and potassium are abundant in Cold Pressed Oil, which protects the liver from oxidative damage. It also aids in the maintenance of cholesterol levels and the enhancement of the immune system.
  3. The nutritional and physiological benefits of cold pressed oil are also regarded to be greater. Vitamin E and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are commonly found in these oils.
  4. Cold Pressed Oil is an excellent choice for hair and skin health. Antioxidants in oil, like acids and vitamins, seal in moisture to prevent dryness and promote hair development.
  5. The superiority of cold-pressed oil was demonstrated by its ability to aid cardiac patients. It lowers bad cholesterol levels while increasing good cholesterol levels in the body, keeping your heart healthy. Plant sterol is also abundant in the oil, which helps to lower the risk of heart attacks.

Negative side of the cold-pressed oil

However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind while using cold-pressed oil. They should only be used in little amounts and should not be subjected to excessive heat to preserve their nutritional content. It should be used only to give good flavor to your food. Cold press oils also have a short shelf life of 3-4 months. Plus, it is not very budget friendly!

What you want to do with the oil is also a big deciding element. Salad dressings and dips can nearly always be made with cold pressed oils. The cold press extraction procedure, however, may change the smoke point of some oils.

To avoid all this hassle, refiltering the oil is one of the best options. Refiltering the oil refers to purifying them. ‘Oildok Cooking Oil Purifier’ filters every drop of your cooking oil using a tested combination of natural mineral granules. This filter separates the impurities, and harmful elements thoroughly from the oil, leaving behind nothing but purity in oil form. This is a very healthy alternative and way feasible. all they type of oil can be purified in this. Thus, it makes them much healthier.

It is well known that the use of refined oils in large quantities and for long periods of time is a prevalent cause of health concerns. It is time we move to a healthier type of oil or start refiltering our better health and disease-free living.

To summarise, We need to make a conscious adjustment so that the next time we go grocery shopping, we know what our health goals are and what the benefits and drawbacks of using these oils are. Cold pressing is a method of extracting oil from seeds that helps to preserve the nutrient content and hence provides health advantages. These oils aid to preserve gut health, improve digestion, and keep diseases at bay when consumed. It is beneficial to our health and is preferable to refined oils.

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