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Frequently asked questions

Oildok cooking oil purifier is the only cooking oil purifier which purifies both used and unused cooking oil.

One needs to purify cooking oils as according to the research conducted it is found that cooking oils contain numerous amounts of chemicals which are proved to be harmful for our health.

Cooking oil is only safe for reuse after filtering the oil through a filtration process.

Oildok follows a simple vertical process to filter cooking oil using neither electricity nor any regular monitoring and uses World’s best combination of natural minerals for the filtration process.

The major benefit of using Oildok cooking oil purifier is that it is an easy set to maintain a healthy life and avoid serious health problems like heart attack, brain hemorrhage, high blood pressure, cancer, paralysis, etc. by decreasing amount of Acid level, LDL(Bad Cholesterol factor) , FFA(Free fatty acid, PV(Peroxide Value) , TPC and TPM in cooking oil.

Yes, Oildok cooking oil purifier can purify all types of cooking oils.

A single filter media filters up to 5-7litres of cooking oil.

Yes,We recommend to filter new unused oil as it contains some chemicals. Oildok cooking oil purifier can be used to filter both used and unused/fresh cooking oil.

Use within 2-3 weeks from the date of first use.

No, Oildok cooking oil purifier does not require any sort of batteries or electricity.

It takes around 120- 180 minutes to filter 1 litre of cooking oil. It might vary from one oil type to another.

Avoid Water contact on Filter media. For the first time allow the filter media to soak 100-150 ml and then filter all the oil.Use filter media within 2 weeks after first use.

No return until and unless manufacturing defect.

Oildok cooking oil purifier can be purchased from the official website com or you can contact your nearest oildok distributor.