People tend to crave a healthy life on a daily basis. But there are two types of people: one are those who constantly think about their health and do things to create a healthy lifestyle. And the others are those who want a healthy lifestyle but are not able to follow a healthy routine. Being healthy is a desire everybody has. But only few know that the process of being healthy begins with small steps, it happens eventually. But what are these small steps?. From where should you start?. Well, keep reading and all your questions will be answered.

It all starts from your mindset. After all, it’s true that our physical and mental health are internally connected. So, no matter from where you start, if your mindset is clear, you can do wonders with your health.

Many of us try to give up in the middle of a healthy routine, thinking that it is not helping our body. But that’s totally wrong. As human beings tend to take time to adjust with an environment or decorum , the same is with our body. As mentioned earlier, being healthy in an eventual process, no one becomes healthy in one night. If you start following a healthy routine, your mindset should be knowing about the theory that everything takes time and you should trust the small steps.

The next step one should follow is keeping physical health active. It must be hard for the people who have a busy schedule and work on a daily basis. But a walk of 8 kms everyday can be followed. This is the average range of how much a person should walk daily. One can start walking this much daily to be physically active. After being physically active, one can lead to being physically fit by doing yoga, workouts, jogging etc. Keeping your body fit is good but rest and calmness is also necessary. Burning out your body won’t help you to be healthy faster. A session of meditation can help you be calm both mentally and physically after a workout session.

The next step is the main ingredient in this process. Eating healthy is one of the desirable achievements everybody wants. But it is the easiest yet hardest way to be healthy. If you are physically active but not following a healthy diet, then you must be wasting your time. Eating healthy is as necessary as being physically active. But most of the people don’t know from where they should start their journey to have a healthy diet. There will be several tips on the internet about a healthy diet, like what to eat in a day etc. But the most important thing to keep in mind is to eat what suits your body best. Every person has a different body perspective and sometimes listening to so much information, you might end up being confused and can choose what is not good for your body.

So, the real question arises, what is best for your body?. Well, the answer is inside you only. You and your body only know what is good for you. This might be confusing, right?. So let’s make it easier for you. As mentioned earlier, eating healthy is the easiest yet hardest thing to do. First things first, Research. Yes, you’ll have to explore your body and get to know what your body is craving for. It can be a pizza or a burger. LOL!, right?. Well these cravings are endless but the important craving is eating healthy. Start researching the basic ingredients, like detox drinks, leafy vegetables, fruits etc. Sounds boring right?. Well, this boring food will only lead to a healthier you. So, start exploring and look forward to being healthier.

Ps: Having cheat days is normal :)

Talking about eating healthy, most of us don’t know what is not healthy in our daily eating habits. Apart from junk food, there are several things we eat which are unhealthy. One of them is our daily refined cooking oil.

Most of the refined cooking oils you use at home contain impurities, pesticide residues, and traces of heavy metals. Oil consumption is increasing day by day. However, the purity of cooking oil available in the market is in a downtrend. Unhealthy cooking oils, filled with harmful impurities and toxins, are causing severe health problems like:

Acidity ( 250 million people suffering in India). High Blood Pressure (currently 234 million adults with hypertension). Heart Diseases ( 54.5 million people suffering in India). Diabetes ( 77 million people suffer in India).

Refined Cooking Oils are oils treated with specific chemicals that help eliminate impurities. But those chemicals are not good for health and can lead to health problems.

So, is there any solution or should we stop using cooking oils?.

Yes, there is a solution. Oildok - introducing purity to the art of Indian cooking. Every spoon of oil you use for cooking takes you one step closer to heart diseases, premature aging, and adverse health conditions. So, do we stop using oils altogether? NO. We’ll use a better, purer, and healthier option.

But, is it safe to use?, why should you trust it?.

Oildok: An innovative oil processing system that filters and purifies any cooking oil using natural mineral granules. In the search for pure and unadulterated oil, we found that the cooking oils available in the market were filled with harmful chemicals, water, and toxins. After years of research, an effective edible oil purification solution is built to purify any refined, unused or used cooking oil by removing all traces of chemicals, water, acidity, and foul odor. Only the purest hygienic, and nourishing oil remains - after eliminating harmful elements. The natural mineral granules used in the filtration process help neutralize chemicals and contaminants from the oil effectively and thoroughly. 

What’s more?,

Oildok can also be used to recycle and remove excessive solid particles from used / unused cooking oil without altering the oil’s inherent nature, quality, and nutritional value. Oildok oil purifier re-purifies your used / unused oil up to 99%* and replenishes it with purity and nutrition even after repeated use.

Perks of using OILDOK:

  • Oildok balances iodine levels in oil.
  • It reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases.
  • It reduces the amount of FFA, Acid, PV, TPC, and TPM in edible oils.
  • The Filter Media made with natural minerals offers 99% purification to used / unused cooking oils.
  • The harmful chemicals present in the majority of cooking oils can cause TRI-DOSH imbalances in the body. Oildok is the ultimate solution that purifies cooking oil and recycles used oil back to its pure form.

It might be weird to hear that our daily cooking oil consists of many impurities but this is the reality. And to avoid the leading consequences. OILDOK can be a part of your journey.

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